Just the best male besties on TV right now

We’re all about the power of friendships at HelloGiggles, and lately we’ve been waxing a lot of poetic about our female besties. So we figured it was time to give the fellas some attention, and honor some of the best platonic man soul-matery on TV right now. We’re trying to avoid the word bromance, because you know it is the word bromance, but these friendships feel downright special and loving and are just really fun to watch.

1. Phil and Jay on Modern Family

There are few things more endearing than watching this sweet, well-meaning man try to get his father-in-law to fall in bro-love with him.

2. Raj and Howard on The Big Bang Theory

I don’t always understand their science-speak, but I do understand they adore each other.

3. Schmidt and Nick on New Girl

Schmidt and Nick are such a cute couple, they even threw themselves a 10-year anniversary party! That is real, deep, true commitment, y’all.

4. Dr. Eugene and Abraham on The Walking Dead

They would never be friends were it not for the zombie apocalypse (in fact, I’m not sure Eugene would have any friends), but Abraham becoming his sworn protector opened the door for a heartwarming tale of bro-tastic survival in this dramatic odd-couple pairing.

5. Ray and his brothers on Ray Donovan

Ray and his brothers put the “bro” in bromance (OK, we are allowing this one reference because BROTHERS and “bro” and it was just sitting there waiting for us to pick it up!). This is family dysfunction at its best since The Sopranos and these Boston Irish brothers prove nothing is thicker than blood (even when that blood comes from a corrupt father they all hate for different reasons).

6. Lenny and Carl on The Simpsons

Lenny and Carl just seem destined for each other. Sometimes, opposites attract; other times, samesies attract, and these two are almost identical. (Homer can only tell them apart by their skin color.) Lenny and Carl’s bromance is so strong, they even double-dated each other’s sisters.

7. Tim and Eric on Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories

The gloriously-demented minds of these two were made for each other. Together, they are comedy superheroes. I mean, did you see their latest collaboration with Jeff Goldblum?

8. Gus and Shawn on Psych

Gus and Shawn prove you can mix business and pleasure; their lifelong best friendship is the reason so many of those crimes get solved.

9. Brian and Stewie on Family Guy

At first glance, you’d think Brian and Stewie go together like mac & cheese because, come on, they’re a dog and a baby, the best combo ever. But then, their mutual love for diabolical plots and generally inappropriate dog/baby behavior just solidifies the fact that these two are meant for each other.

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