Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bra for Your Breast Shape

Experts share what to look for.

It’s pretty common knowledge that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. The same is true of boobs. Where some people have full, round breasts, others have wide-set tatas—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The point is, no two breasts are identical (that includes the two on your chest), so, like hips, butts, and thighs, no one single bra will accommodate all boobs. Rather, different breast shapes require different types of coverage and support—which ultimately begs the question: What’s the best bra for each breast shape? To find out, we chatted with a few of the industry’s top fitters and founders. Ahead, discover the best bra for your breast shape.

How to find the best bra for your breast shape:

While bra fittings (and sizes) may seem super stressful, they don’t have to be. After all, according to ThirdLove co-founder and CCO, Ra’el Cohen, it all comes down to three simple steps. Check them out, below.

1. Identify your breast shape. “Using our Breast Shape Dictionary, see which category(s) best describes your unique shape,” she says.

2. Be honest about any fit issues you are having. “Identifying common problems, like gaping cups and slipping straps, can determine which size bra you should actually be wearing and whether you need to go up or down a size (or half-cup size),” she says.

3. Find your favorite cup type. “Different types of bras fit women differently, and are more suited for your lifestyle,” she explains. “Some women prefer a wireless bra while others need more coverage. Some hunt for the perfect T-shirt bra while others feel better in a lace balconette. Make sure you take the time to consider which style fits you, your life, and your style the best.”

What bra to buy if you have asymmetrical boobs:

As we mentioned above, everyone has slightly different boobs. In that sense, everyone has asymmetrical tas, however, when it comes to this specific subset of breast shapes, it more so points to people who have significant differences between cups. Luckily, there’s an easy fix. According to CUUP Director of Fit, Tania Garcia, a demi bra works wonderfully, as they offer more coverage and can be adjusted to accommodate the smaller breast.

“If it’s very noticeable, I usually recommend adjusting one side a bit more than the other,” she explains. “This will help the smaller cup as we do have to ensure that the larger side is fully covered and if we go down this may cause spillage.”

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What bra to buy if you have muscular boobs:

If you have wider, more muscular breasts, Cohen classifies your boobs as athletic. “Wider boobs with more muscle and less tissue tend to have a problem with cup gaping,” she says. “Due to this, we recommend T-shirt style bras.”

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What bra to buy if you have teardrop boobs:

Also referred to as bell and full-bottomed breasts, teardrop boobs feature a fuller bottom with less tissue up top. For an awe-inspiring fit, Garcia says to reach for a balconette bra. “A balconette-shaped bra is best, as the top band sits above the nipple and will not cut into tissue since teardrop breasts are fuller on bottom,” she explains. What’s more, thanks to the underwire, it will push what tissue you do have up a bit, lending to a Bridgerton-inspired bust.

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What bra to buy if you have round boobs:

People who have fuller breasts have options. They can fare well with many different styles, though, according to Cohen, wireless bras for light support days and balconette bras for days where you crave an “ultra-flattering fit” are best. That said, Garcia says that plunge, V-neck bras can also work well.

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What bra to buy if you have wide set boobs:

Do you have wider-set boobs? If so, they can be classified as either wide-set or, if your nipples point out in each direction, east-west. Either way, this breast shape is more spaced out and requires a touch of support to get them to cooperate—or none at all for a more relaxed fit. With this in mind, Cohen recommends full coverage bras (potentially with padding) if your goal is to bring your breasts up and together, while Garia says a lightly-lined or unlined triangle bra is a great option for more low-key days.

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