8 Beauty and Hair Products That Will Level Up Your Holiday Party Looks

The key to the perfect look is so much more than rocking a cute holiday dress.

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Holiday party season has begun and we’re not certain we’re ready. It’s such a busy time of year, between shopping and entertaining. When we have dozens of cards to send out and trees to decorate, who has time to get ready for the constant onslaught of seasonal festivities? 

But holiday parties are an important part of the season, and whether or not we feel prepared for them, we’re going to want to look our best. That’s even true if we’re trying to get ready for a night out after a full day of work, school, or errands. (Or possibly all of the above!)

The secret to holiday party success is not just the perfect dress. The key is brilliant beauty and hair products that can instantly revamp our look and make us party ready. If every day-to-night transition feels like an exhausting mad dash, use some magic (in the form of buying the right products, of course) to make that effortless holiday look come together.

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RPZL Ponytail Hair Extensions

RPZL Ponytail Hair Extensions

Whether we’re headed out on date night or we have our office holiday party and no time for a blowout, a clip-on ponytail is a game changing life saver. Instantly look like you just left a salon, without even having to wash your hair. 

Price: $30 at amazon.com

Lights Lacquer Instant Glam Press on Nails

Lights Lacquer Instant Glam Press on Nails
Lights Lacquer

It’s happened to us all. We think we have no plans and then we get a last-minute invite to a hot holiday party. The problem is, our nails are a mess.

These reusable press-on nails are a quick and easy fix to keep in your desk or purse and give your nails an update from anywhere, on the go. You get to save hours you don’t have at the salon, and will have nails ready for all those cocktail Instas. 

Price: $16 at lightslacquer.com

Dr. Yates Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers

Dr. Yates Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers 
Dr Yates

Triple board certified hair loss surgeon, Dr. William Yates MD, FACS, created Dr. Yates Keratin Hair Thickening Fibers, and it’s an essential for looking sexier in those holiday photos. The thickening fibers add a ton of volume to hair, so it looks fuller and thicker. It’s kind of like a mascara concept, but for hair.  

Price: $59.99 at yourhairlossexpert.com

BABE ORIGINAL Plumping Lip Jelly in Glass Red

BABE ORIGINAL Plumping Lip Jelly in Glass Red

It’s all about those bold, shimmery holiday lips. You want a beautiful, sultry pout, but also one that will last all night. This lip jelly plumps your lips by hydrating both the inner and outer layers. The plumping elements will leave a tingly sensation, so you know it’s doing its job. 

Price: $19 at amazon.com

RPZL Oversized Bow Headband

RPZL Oversized Bow Headband

These incredibly adorable headbands come in a wide range of colors, and make us feel like we’ve woken up in an episode of Gossip Girl. They’re also perfect for a quick style update after a day of work when headed to dinner or a holiday party.

Just stick on a headband and you are instantly in festive mode. This silk-like material is actually made from milk fiber. How cool is that?

Price: $40 at amazon.com

Patchology Bubbly Brightening Eye Gels

Patchology Bubbly Brightening Eye Gels

Late nights and early mornings lead to puffy eyes. These eye gels can be a lifesaver. They’re made with orange extract, Resveratrol (which is made from grapes — same as that wine that got us in this situation!), and Niacinamide.

Use these before a holiday party to combat those tired eyes and brighten your look just in time for another great night. 

Price: $15 at amazon.com

Embellish Beauty Eye Candy Lash Kit

Embellish Beauty Eye Candy Lash Kit
Embellish Beauty

Bold eye makeup is essential for completing that perfect Insta-ready party look, but that may take a lot more effort than time allows. However, putting on a great set of lashes is the perfect hack for having those peepers be party ready in no time.

These faux mink lashes are edgy and dramatic, and will set the mood before you even walk in the door.

Price: $75 at embellishbeauty.store

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Nude Glow with SPF 40

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Nude Glow with SPF 40
It Cosmetics

The right CC cream can take dull, tired skin and restore a luminescent glow. This product has color correcting ability, and will also even out your skin tone and make skin have that healthy glow that’ll radiate across the room at wherever the evening’s plans take you.  Talk about party ready in an instant!

Price: $44 at sephora.com

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