The best advice ever, according to Tavi Gevinson

By now, we all know that Tavi Gevinson is the absolute coolest. She’s currently working on the fourth and final installment of the Rookie Yearbook, and it was recently revealed that she joined the star-studded cast of Scream Queens. At only 19, she’s got a resume that includes fashion icon, editor-in-chief, actress, and writer. Talk about inspiring. Earlier this week, Gevinson sat down with Teen Vogue and dished about the best life advice she’d ever received.

Now, when you’ve had as amazing a life as Gevinson, it can be hard to think of specific “bests” and that includes best advice. But she dug deep and pulled out something amazing. “I’ve been really lucky to know people who care a lot about what they do and are really dedicated to their work,” she said. “The first people that come to mind are the Rodarte sisters who I met when I was 13.” These sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, are designers and the founders of the Rodarte fashion label. According to Gevinson, “Seeing the way they work was really informative for me.” Sometimes, the best advice is gained by watching how someone really behaves and following that example, rather than by listening to what they say. Gevinson totally gets it.

But Gevinson wasn’t done dispensing incredible advice yet  and her next nuggetwas a real doozy. She shared that, at a recent Rookie event, a girl told her “not to date anyone you wouldn’t let your best friend date.” Gevinson explained this advice beautifully; “We tend to make exceptions for ourselves. It can be hard to extend the love you have for your best friend to yourself. It’s hard to remember you deserve better…There are those Stevie Nicks lyrics: ‘And if I was a child and the child was enough. Enough for me to love.’ You have to think about yourself as your friend or even as your own child.”

Wow. Just wow. This is so spot-on. Learning to love yourself and take care of yourself in the same manner that you do for the most treasured people in your life is something that takes so many people, especially women, decades accomplish. It’s incredible that Gevinson has already realized the importance of this lesson and is sharing it with other teens with the help of none other than our good friend Stevie. You go girl!
(Image via Instagram.)