Here’s how to get your Best 9 Instagram posts from 2017

As the new year approaches, the time for reflection has come. Now, you can easily relive the highlights of the past year with a website that finds your best nine Instagram posts from 2017. It’s easy to use, and it’s a much faster way to create a photo collage than going through every photo and counting the “Likes” yourself. What you’ll get from Best 9 is a highlight reel of your highlight reel. Because let’s be real, social media isn’t always the best representation of people’s lives.

So, how does it work? Just go to and input your Instagram handle in the box that says “Instagram ID.” (You’ll have to make your account public if it’s not already.) Then, press “GET,” and voilà! You get a collage of your Best 9 photos from 2017. Plus, stats about how many overall posts you shared and how many “Likes” you received total.

You can either choose to make a collage that’s based on your most-liked photos, or just nine photos that look good together. Because life’s not just about what gets the “Likes,” why not try both? And, if you’re wondering, you can enter anyone’s Instagram handle into the Best 9 generator, as long as their profile is public. Just in case you want to, y’know, vicariously walk down memory lane.

Here is a peek at what Chrissy Teigen’s Best 9 looks like.


And here’s Kim Kardashian’s.


We already know that Beyoncé doesn’t need a Best 9. There’s really only one picture from 2017 that matters.

What a year it has been. Even though we don’t really need to be reminded about some of the horrible parts of 2017, hopefully making your Best 9 will remind you that the year wasn’t all bad. Happy Instagram collaging!