Bésame’s brand new vintage-inspired brush holder will add some pizzazz to your vanity

For beauty lovers who also just so happen to rock that retro look, Bésame Cosmetics has been the answers to our prayers —their vintage-inspired products are not only functional and high quality, but they’re also cute-as-hell! Case in point: Bésame’s newest makeup brush holder. Not only is it handy and useful, but it’s absolutely precious as well!

The Collectable Bésame Girl Brush Holder was inspired by collectible vintage brush holders from the ’40s and ’50s and she’s even wearing Bésame lipstick in 1935 Cherry Red and the 1920 Cake Mascara! We can’t handle that kind of cuteness! This brush vase definitely looks like it stepped out of a time machine, and it would look perfect on our fancy vanities!

The Bésame Girl Brush Holder is available now for $20, so get yours today!


Have you ever seen anything sweeter?


We can just picture our grandmothers using a brush holder like this one — we can’t get enough of the nostalgia factor! If you’re in need of a little vase to hold your brushes, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.


Take a peek at their makeup brush holder that was released last year!


And if you are feeling the need to add to your vintage-inspired beauty collection, there are plenty of amazing Bésame products that can satisfy that craving.

How about the Bésame Cake Mascara ($25)?


And we just can’t live without their ever-growing lipstick collection!


It just doesn’t get much better than this packaging, friends!


We’ll take one of each, please!

Head on over to Bésame Cosmetics and pick up the gorgeous, limited edition Bésame Girl Brush Holder along with any other goodies that might suit your fancy! They’re just too good to pass up, you know?

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