Bésame’s “Snow White” vanity mirror is available for pre-order so you can be the fairest of them all

If you are looking to channel your inner petty stepmother who absolutely needs to be the center of attention and the most beautiful in all the land, well, the new Bésame Cosmetics Snow White-inspired vanity mirror is right up your alley (or haunted turret).

We’ve been thoroughly enchanted with the concept of the new Snow White collection ever since we caught the spellbound winds of the early release of Bésame’s Snow White Storybook Eyeshadow Palette. And now, we can truly channel our inner evil Disney queen by gazing into our own gold-studded reflection while summoning our henchmen to murder our hot stepdaughter. Or we could just purchase a gaudy mirror and call it a day.

The Fairest Vanity Mirror is now available for pre-order on the Bésame Cosmetics website for $40!


This is a lush investment that you’ll never regret. At least, you won’t regret it as much as eating a poison apple.


The detailing on this mirror is killer.


This is a mirror you gaze into while fully robed in the finest silks or a nice bathrobe. Also, the poison apple on the top of the mirror is a nice detail.

If you’re down for more Snow White-inspired beauty swag, be sure to check out the Bésame Cosmetics Storybook Snow White Collection launch page where you can join the mailing list for alerts about the official launch! Keep those eyes peeled, Disney babes.

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