15 Bernie Sanders Memes From Inauguration Day That Will Carry Us Through 2021

Bernie was cold, and he wasn't about to pretend that we wasn't.

Yesterday may have been President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ day, but Senator Bernie Sanders wore white to the wedding if you catch our drift. Sanders showed up to the socially distanced inauguration at the Capitol wearing *the* brown winter jacket and *that* pair of knitted mittens, sat there cross-legged in his folding chair, cold as hell, holding a mysterious orange envelope, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else, and the internet couldn’t get enough.

His curmudgeonly aesthetic speaks to us in a way we can only describe via meme. So, as the internet does, it got to work.

First, we need to address the envelope he brought with him to the inauguration. What’s in it? Why did he feel the need to bring it with him and not just leave it in the car? Did they disguise the nuclear football and give the codes to Sanders as some sort of clever ruse?

Oh, he was about to eliminate a contestant in America’s Next Top Model. That’s right. We forgot.

But wait. Perhaps there’s more to the story…

Secondly, we simply must give Sanders big kudos for following the time-honored New England tradition of wearing the same winter coat to all events, no matter how big (like presidential inauguration big) or small.

The crossed legs paired with the crossed arms, hands stuck into mittens so large each could easily be worn as hats, the please don’t talk to me attitude radiating from his posture and downcast eyes…it was the meme fodder was too much to not take a bite.

And that, kids, is how Bernie Sanders became the Baby Yoda of 2021—a sentence that is truly too bizarre.

If you’d like to grab your own pair of Bernie mittens, Vermont teacher Jen Ellis, who made and gifted Sanders’ his iconic pair whilst he was on the presidential campaign trail, is knitting them by the boatloads—however, something tells us she’ll be running low in stock in the coming days and weeks ahead.

From here on out, Inauguration Day will now be referred to as Bernie Sanders Looking Cold and Miserable While President Gets Inaugurated Day, so please spread the word.

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