Girl asks Bernie Sanders to be her dad, Bernie has best response ever

Some teens want Katy Perry to be their mom. This one wants Bernie Sanders to be her dad.

Fifteen-year-old Jill Maul went to see the Vermont senator and presidential candidate at the February 24 rally in Kansas City, Kansas.

“My friends Allison and Simone and I have been Bernie supporters for a while,” Jill told BuzzFeed News. “My mom wasn’t going to let me go because she doesn’t like socialism, but I convinced her.”

We’re so glad she did, because the resulting video is gold. It’s already been watched by tens of thousands of people on Tumblr and Twitter.

On that fateful day, Jill and her friends Allison and Simone listened to Bernie’s speech, then lined up to shake Bernie’s and Mrs. Sanders’s hands.

When she finally gets to politician, Jill asks Bernie, “Will you be my dad?”

He replies, “Probably not. But I could be your president.” The girls go WILD.

When asked why she called Bernie “dad,” Jill told BuzzFeed News that she views Bernie as a “father figure.”

“I haven’t got a crush on him, but I’ve got a crush on what he supports,” she said.

“On my way home from the rally I was like, ‘I just asked the potential president of the United States to be my dad,’” Jill said. “I just sat there thinking, ‘I’m so stupid.’”

You’re not stupid, Jill! The Internet is thanking you for capturing this amazing moment.