Bernie Sanders just said “Cardi B is right” about this important political issue

She may have just released her first full-length album, but Cardi B has been slaying the game for a while now. The rapper of the breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” recently made appearances on Saturday Night Live and on the Coachella stage, and it seems like everyone is talking about her. Even former presidential nominee Bernie Sanders has fond things to say about Cardi. He tweeted today, April 18th, that he agrees with her stance on one key political issue.

The politician shared a quote from Cardi’s recent interview with GQ, using it to advocate for Social Security.

“Cardi B is right,” Sanders tweeted. “If we are really going to make America great we need to strengthen Social Security so that seniors are able to retire with the dignity they deserve.”

GQ‘s profile of the rapper, published on April 9th, revealed Cardi’s love of former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and at one point, she even discussed how the president founded Social Security. “He’s the real ‘Make America Great Again,’ because if it wasn’t for him, old people wouldn’t even get Social Security,” she told writer Caity Weaver.

This quote from Cardi’s interview was originally tweeted by the nonprofit group Social Security Works, which has the goal of expanding the benefits system. It was this tweet that Sanders shared and agreed with.

It’s not surprising that Sanders would side with Cardi over her praise of FDR. The Vermont senator is a staunch supporter of Social Security benefits, and according to his website, he has proposed a new law that would require those with salaries higher than $250,000 to pay the same percentage of their income into the government program as everyone else.

This is also not the first time Sanders has used the words of a rapper to prove his point. In 2016, Sanders retweeted a New York Times article in which Jay-Z called the war on drugs “an epic fail.” He wrote, “Jay-Z is right: We have to end the war on drugs.”

Cardi B is right (and so is Sanders). Social Security is a vital aspect of the American benefits system that makes it possible for retired people to survive. We’re glad to see Sanders acknowledging Cardi’s wisdom, and we hope that Social Security continues to benefit Americans as they retire.

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