Bennifer’s No Bitter Betty

From a relationship standpoint, I think I’d kind of hate Hollywood. If you’re famous and you decide to date famous (which is bound to happen at least once, right?), and things don’t go as planned (see also: lifelong marriage), you’re gonna have a bad time. You’re gonna have a bad time because you’re gonna have to see your ex like, EVERYWHERE. It’s as if their Facebook profile stalks your periphery in those new-fangled Google goggles and you can’t log-out to save your life. And you’d think it’d be especially sucky if your ex becomes even more successful than they were when you dated them and now lives happily ever after. Without you.

Which is why, after hearing the way she reacted to Ben Affleck’s major win at the Golden Globes this weekend, I am J.Lo’s biggest fan for a day. She seems nice. Remember when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in love and we all fell in love with them and called them Bennifer and were SO SURPRISED when they called off their engagement? They were basically the foundation for celebrity compound nicknames and now Ben’s part of a new Bennifer and J.Lo is … A cougar? Help me out with this one, Mindy Kaling.

Not that J.Lo hasn’t had huge successes of her own. We all know she has, but she’s still searching for love in all the wrong places (I miss P.Lo. Ug, I suck at this. P. Diddy and J.Lo. HELP ME, MINDY!), while Ben’s been married for 7 years now.

My point being, I think it’s really sweet/mature/impressive that they still support each other after all these years, and that Lopez wasn’t afraid to gush over the success of former fiance in front of her current boyfriend.

According to a Globe guest, Lopez was “beaming” and “paid close attention to the stage” when Affleck won Best Director for his political drama, Argo (the film also won for Best Motion Picture: Drama). And it seems as if the feeling is mutual. Of Lopez, Affleck has said:

Way to be adults, you guys. Also, props to J.Lo for keeping it real in that see-through skin-dress and continuing to look smokin’ hot at 43. (But don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got. She’s still, she’s still Jenny from the Block. Just with someone new to grind up on her in her videos now).

Image via Temptalia