Benefit and MAC just made history as the first beauty brands to financially support Planned Parenthood

In what might just be the happiest coincidence of all time, MAC and Benefit Cosmetics have joined together to announce that each brand is partnering with Planned Parenthood to financially and ethically support the cause. The two (obviously competing) beauty brands have not, in fact, partnered with each other, but rather have decided to make the announcement together because of the larger impact (and ripple effect) it may have in the industry. How cool, right?

MAC, who has always had philanthropy at the heart of its brand, has made a two-year, $500,000 commitment to supporting Planned Parenthood’s goal to provide accurate, nonjudgmental information to young people, anywhere and at any time, through the organization’s Chat/Text program and newly launched sexual health chatbot, Roo. Through both programs, you can ask questions about sexual health and receive answers within seconds, sans any sense of awkwardness or judgment.

Meanwhile, Benefit Cosmetics is officially the first beauty brand to donate customer sales and profits to Planned Parenthood. As you may know, every May, Benefit donates 100% of the proceeds of its brow wax sales to different organizations that help empower women and young girls through The Bold is Beautiful Project. In past years, organizations Benefit has supported have included Step Up, Dress for Success, Girls Inc, The Princess Project, and Look Good Feel Better. And for the first time ever, this year Planned Parenthood will be added to that list. Just book a brow wax appointment in May to support the cause.


And on May 1st of this year, Benefit Cosmetics is launching a Bold is Beautiful 3D BROWtones magenta shade in custom rose-gold packaging, which will become part of the permanent brow product lineup, and 100% of sales will always go toward The Bold is Beautiful Project.

Needless to say, we’re so excited about these partnerships—and the fact that Benefit and MAC have chosen to put competition aside and stand together to make this announcement. Kudos to both brands.