Benefit Cosmetics is here to make sure our eyebrows look flawless with their new Brow Styles service

While we’re all absolutely besotted with Benefit Cosmetics makeup, there’s something special about their brow line — they’ve been putting an emphasis on the importance of our arches long before it became trendy to do so. They’ve just announced that they’ll be launching new services called Brow Styles at all their Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bars worldwide, and we have a feeling this is going to be a total game-changer.

While Benefit’s brow services are no new thing, the arrival of a carefully curated universal menu of styles across the board no matter where you are will ensure the quality of service we’re going to get.

The Brow Styles menu will be available at all Benefit Brow Bars starting today.

According to WWD, you’ll be able to pick from four different menu options: Feathered, Bold and Angular, Natural, or Straight. You’ll be able to choose the shape that most suits your face and personal aesthetic — whether you prefer a wax, tweeze, or trim with Benefit’s expert technicians. You know how we feel about having more choices — we’re obsessed.

Benefit’s Brow Styles menu is sure to create a boom in business for the already popular brow brand.

Jean Andre Rougeot, CEO of Benefit Cosmetics, tells WWD:

“By framing your face with brows, you can really make yourself look different, you can make yourself younger. There’s an enormous transformative power of brows, and you can get instant results with brow products, that are frankly, a lot more impactful than mascara or lipstick.

We just so happen to agree! There’s nothing more impactful than beautifully groomed brows. It enhances your makeup if you choose to wear it, or acts as a perfect face frame when you choose to go bare. The importance of good brows just can’t be underestimated.

What will your go-to brow shape be? All of the aforementioned shapes work for SOMEONE, so you’re sure to leave looking and feeling your best. There’s nothing worse than a bad brow service, so we are excited to know that we’ll be able to go to a Benefit Brow Bar and expect a consistent experience that leaves us looking incredible. We can’t wait to pop on in.

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