Benedict Cumberbatch calls Martin Freeman’s comments about Sherlock “pathetic,” and things are getting heated at 221B

If and when Sherlock returns for Season 5, things might be pretty awkward at 221B Baker Street, because it seems there may be some tension between the show’s stars. In an interview with The Telegraph last month, Martin Freeman revealed that fan hype and pressure surrounding the globally popular series had sucked the fun from making it.

When asked about whether or not a fifth season of the series was in the works, Freeman revealed that there hadn’t been discussions yet, adding that the “mini-Beatles” popularity of the series made him feel like it was impossible to meet expectations. The Black Panther actor said, “People’s expectations, some of it’s not fun anymore. It’s not a thing to be enjoyed, it’s a thing of: ‘You better fucking do this, otherwise you’re a c—.’ That’s not fun anymore.”

But to Benedict Cumberbatch, Freeman’s thoughts on the matter are, as Sherlock Holmes would say, “Elementary.

In his own interview with The Telegraph, Benedict Cumberbatch has responded to Freeman’s comments on the rabid Sherlock fandom and he is not mincing words. Taking a very Sherlockian approach, Cumberbatch got straight to the point, reportedly saying, “It’s pretty pathetic if that’s all it takes to let you not want to take grip of your reality. What, because of expectations? I don’t know. I don’t necessarily agree with that.”

Well, it doesn’t seem like there’s any room to misinterpret that.

Cumberbatch did add, however, that he understands what Freeman means about the obsessive nature surrounding the show’s fandom, but added that it doesn’t affect him like it does his co-star. He told The Telegraph, “There is a level of it [where] I understand what he means. There’s a level of obsession where [the franchise] becomes theirs even though we’re the ones making it. But I just don’t feel affected by that in the same way, I have to say.”

Whether The Telegraph interviews signal trouble at Baker Street or just a simple difference of opinion, we’re hoping Mrs. Hudson can intervene before this gets too messy.

Meanwhile, as we await a potential fifth season of  SherlockCumberbatch and Freeman are both part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — meaning we could potentially see them reunite on-screen in the near future. Let’s hope they keep things civil in the MCU, seeing as how things are going in their flat.