Benedict Cumberbatch revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his first kiss was underwater, and, sigh

All ready to see Doctor Strange after work tonight? We totally are. And we’re even more excited after seeing the adorable Benedict Cumberbatch discuss his first kiss to Jimmy Fallon last night on The Tonight Show. Sure, some things should be kept private — but for Cumberbatch? We feel like the experience may have been awkward, sweet, humorous, and definitely relatable, so we’re happy he spilled.

During the segment last night, Fallon asked him to reveal a bunch of first-time experiences. After all, he’s hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow for the very first time, so might as well discuss a few other huge life milestones. While every answer was great, his first kiss was simply the best.

"That's my story. I don't really know why," Cumberbatch said, after Fallon (rightfully) had a bunch of follow-up questions. Meredith is definitely one lucky girl!

Of course, Cumberbatch’s other “firsts” are equally thrilling. His first album was Bad by Michael Jackson, his first concert was Guns ‘N Roses, and his first superhero film was Batman, starring the legendary Michael Keaton.

 You can catch Doctor Strange in theaters today, and of course, don’t forget to tune into Saturday Night Live as Benedict Cumberbatch hosts with musical guest Solange Knowles. While it’s his first time hosting, something tells us it definitely won’t be the last.

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