Benedict Cumberbatch has an important message for refugees

Over the past few weeks, the issue of how to solve the Syrian refugee crisis has become one of international attention and debate. What countries can do to help those fleeing the Syrian civil war is a crucial question, and in nations across Europe many are pressuring their governments to help by allowing fleeing Syrians to take refuge.

In the UK, where a plan is being worked out to accept thousands of refugees over the next five years, Benedict Cumberbatch has added his voice to those calling for more significant action. He appears in the latest video from Help Is Coming, a partner of Save the Children. In the video, Cumberbatch recites a few lines from Warsan Shire’s poem “Home”:

He then goes on to address the millions of refugees themselves, telling them that the world sees them and that help is coming. The video also includes footage and quotes from the refugees themselves, as well as a song performed by Crowded House called, “Help Is Coming.” It is stirring, powerful, heartbreaking. Watch below.

More information about Help Is Coming can be found here.

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