Benedict Cumberbatch did “Mad Lib Theater” with Jimmy Fallon, and oh the hilarious indignity

Let’s be honest: Anything that features the talents of Benedict Cumberbatch is essential viewing.

So today is our lucky day, because Vulture let us know that we can watch Cumberbatch do Mad Lib Theater with Jimmy Fallon!

We’ve seen Doctor Strange unleash his powers at a kid’s birthday party, and who could forget the time he played Jenga with Tilda Swinton? But Mad Lib Theater may be the true winner. There were some “umms” and “ahhs” at the beginning while Cumberbatch got into the game, but he channeled his inner literary-nerd and played like a champion.

Awwww, no one told him he couldn’t swear on American television! But luckily he recovered in full swing.

Hey, he even taught us a new phrase that we’re going to start using immediately: “Flibberty-gibbitt!” Slang for someone who’s kinda silly. And we love how he didn’t go for the obvious choices with anything; not numbers, verbs ending in “ing,” exclamations, adjectives or anything else!

They did break character for a moment, but we’re willing to forgive it.


Best quote?

"I needed the money to buy myself little toe implants."


"This town needs an enema!


We didn’t know we needed this, but WE ABSOLUTELY DID. Thanks guys!


Jimmy, you always know how to make our day complete.