Benedict Cumberbatch imitates otters, gives the internet exactly what we want

The Internet’s equivalent of buying us a Christmas present is just providing us with hours of Benedict Cumberbatch videos to enjoy. Seriously. Think about how happy you were as a child running down the stairs to a Christmas tree bursting with presents underneath it. Now think about how happy you are when there’s a brand new video of our guy Benedict doing something amazing, hilarious, adorable, and .gif able. It’s a happy day, indeed.

So what’s the gift for today? Just Cumberbatch imitating otters. Why? Does it even matter why? He could be playing an otter in his next movie, and wants to go method for the role. Or maybe it’s because he stopped by The Graham Norton Show, and Norton happened to have some pictures of otters on hand for Cumberbatch to take a stab at imitating. Yeah, it’s the latter, but we can dream of the former…

On the promotional circuit for Black Mass, which opened this past weekend in the U.K., Cumberbatch is joined by Johnny Depp who is visibly freaked out by the fact that the Cumberbatch fandom has likened him to an otter. Depp mentions that “someone has a lot of time on their hands,” and well, yeah. But without all this free time, we wouldn’t have mashups of Cumberbatch and otters!

Norton and Benedict joke about how this is going to go viral —  because, duh — with Benedict joking it’ll bring in money for Black Mass since, “People [who] like the viral pictures of me and an otter will go and see a film about a violent gangster. Yay!” This plan appears to be working.

The segment ends with Benedict, channeling his inner-otter, fighting a giant teddy bear. You’re going to have to watch the clip to find out why. Thanks for this today, Internet!

(Image via YouTube)