Here we have Brie Larson meeting Benedict Cumberbatch and freaking out, because she’s only human

Oh man, Brie Larson certainly had quite a big day yesterday.

Saturday at Comic-Con, she first took to the stage for the Warner Bros. panel to show off some new amazing footage from the upcoming King King: Skull Island. If that’s not enough excitement for one day, six hours later, it was officially announced that she’s going to become a superhero, and take on the role of Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel, and ALL THE GIRL POWER.

Then, she met Benedict Cumberbatch? Oh wow.

All of this might be too much for any one person to physically handle, but if anyone can do it, it is former teen pop star and recent Oscar winner Larson. Seroously the only other thing that could possibly be on her to-do list right now is, “become a Disney Princess” (Let’s hope Disney is working on that right now for the future).

But let’s be real: She was clearly the most excited about Cumberbatch.


Upon meeting our dashing Cumberbatch, it appears as if Larson freaked the F out, as any of us would do in this situation. Yeah, it’s cool to be named a new Marvel hero, but BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. The expression on her face says it all. You KNOW she’s bing-watched Sherlock at least four or five times.

And look at the way Cumberbatch is staring tenderly into her eyes. He’s clutching her hands ever so firmly, but still gently, and telling her, “You can do this, Brie. You are amazing, and we love you. I believe in you. Listen to my every word, and let it feed your soul, the galaxy is yours.”

Or, you know, something else just as tender and sweet.

Congrats on your truly epic day, Brie. May the words of Cumberbatch stick with you forever.