We officially want the dress Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife wore to her wedding

More than likely, Benedict Cumberbatch’s wedding to Sophie Hunter is still fresh in your mind. Yes, with those two little words, “I do,” we lost our Internet boyfriend, but we lost him to a totally awesome and rad woman. Sophie’s a quadruple threat with directing, writing, singing and acting all under her belt, and now she can add one more thing, too: style icon. Nope, make that wedding style icon. New title for Sophie Hunter: earthly goddess.

The Cumberbatch-Hunter union was a super-low key affair, and now a month later we’re finally getting the first pictures of the big day. Valentino uploaded an image to their Instagram of the custom-made dress that Sophie wore, and its got sleeves! And a high neck!! And so much detailed tulle, it’s breathtaking. If you’ve never envisioned a dream wedding dress before, now you’ve got the perfect go-to example. Its color is described as an “ethereal silver hue.” It’s so beautiful, it’s hard to believe that it’s real.

Sophie was pregnant at the time of the wedding, and she’s still pregnant with a due date later this year. Photographer Annie Leibovitz was there as she got ready, and a few more images will appear in next month’s issue of Vogue. As for our dreams, this dress will start appearing nightly.

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