We can’t wait to eat Ben & Jerry’s new cereal milk ice cream for breakfast

Picture it: that delicious milk left over after your cereal has left the bowl. Slightly sweet but not enough to overpower the milk taste. Now imagine tossing a scoop of ice cream in. Now start crying tears of joy, because Ben & Jerry’s cereal milk ice cream is here and it will save you two steps.

The three Cereal Splashback flavors — which launch TODAY, on National Cereal Day — include actual cereal flakes, just like your milk after a good breakfast nosh session.

“Remember eating your favorite cereal while watching Saturday-morning cartoons in your PJs? We turned that nostalgic feeling into an ice cream,” the company’s website states.

The players? Frozen Flakes, Cocoa Loco, and Fruit Loot, which we’re guessing are generic plays on Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, and Fruit Loops, respectively.

"Chocolate cereal milk ice cream with crisp chocolate cereal swirls," the website's Cocoa Loco description reads. "Remember those special mornings when Mom let you have chocolate cereal instead of the regular kind? This is all of those magical mornings, churned into an ice cream flavor. All you need is your favorite cartoons."

GIVE IT TO US PLEASE! Can you imagine eating this and binge-watching Netflix today?


The only drawback is that the new flavors are only available in Scoop Shop locations, meaning a trip to Walmart at 2 a.m. isn’t going to cut it for these beautiful babies. Brb while we locate the shop nearest to us (they’re cool with us showing up in pajamas, right?).