Ben Affleck revives his Boston accent for this voting PSA, and it’s hilarious AF

Think New Hampshire is a blue state? Think again. While they often do vote Democrat, it’s always up in the air during election years. That’s why Boston Ben Affleck decided to make a PSA to encourage New Hampshire residents to get out there and vote. And yes, we meant to say Boston Ben Affleck — his accent is pretty intense in the video.

This election has definitely made people a little angry — but, it’s still important to go out there and vote on November 8th. While it’s humorous that so many actors and comedians are practically yelling for Americans to show up at the polls, they’re doing it for a great reason — this election is extremely important.

Affleck gets into character as “Benny ‘The Sweet One’ O’Callahan,”for this Funny Or Die video, and explains why New Hampshire means so much to him.

A few curses get dropped quite naturally. What can you say? Affleck put all of himself into this role.


We’re loving the background changes, and the fact that Affleck views New Hampshire much like his “kid brother.” But of course, we also love that Affleck thinks that women’s rights are super important, and makes sure to give that cause a mention.

Ben Affleck has been super busy promoting his new movie The Accountant, which came out on October 14th, so we’re so glad he had the time to get a little political and make this video!