Ben Affleck cuddling puppies dressed like superheroes is all we need in life

What’s better than adorable puppies dressed as superheroes? Ben Affleck cuddling said adorable puppies dressed like superheroes, obviously.

Last night, Ben and Jimmy Fallon faced off in an adorable session of “Pup Quiz” on The Tonight Show. In honor of Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice, the two answered questions about animals and, duh, superheroes. The prize? Cuddling some adorable golden retriever puppies, because the world is a wonderful place. The puppies wore puppy-sized superhero costumes for this wonderful game, because of course they did.

The rules of “Pup Quiz” are as follows: If you answer the question right, you win a dressed-up pup to cuddle and pet and lick your face; if you answer it wrong, your opponent wins the puppy. Unfortunately, Ben didn’t win the Batman puppy, but rather won a Superman puppy in a super-cute ironic twist. He doesn’t look too upset about it.


Jimmy Fallon, however, pretty much won ALL of the puppies, and he was in heaven, understandably. Really, any puppy is a winning puppy, so we really don’t see how you could lose this game.

Check out the vid below and be prepared for some serious cuteness: