The Internet’s Meme King Ben Affleck Looks “Miserable” at the Grammys

Affleck once again goes viral after putting his "miserable RBF" on display at the award show.

He may not be known for his musical talents, but Ben Affleck put on a performance of his own last night at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. The Gone Girl actor has once again found himself at the center of meme culture after clips of him looking absolutely miserable at the award show went viral on social media.

Stevie Wonder and his guest performers had the entire crowd moving and grooving during their “Back to Motown” medley. Even Jennifer Lopez was up out of her seat swaying along. Meanwhile, her husband was sporting a facial expression best described by Yesika Salgado on Twitter as someone who “was dragged along to girls night and told to stay off his phone.”

Elsewhere, another user added, “Ben Affleck is every introvert everywhere. You can see his batteries draining in real time. Man is already at 23%.”

“Ben Affleck is so consistent in his misery I almost have to admire it,” someone else tweeted.

Others compared him to “every man at his wife’s work party,” and joked it was the “best performance of his career.”

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As it was, J.Lo got wrapped up in Affleck’s “miserable” energy as well. The pair were caught possibly quarreling (others think maybe flirting?) on-camera during funnyman Trevor Noah’s sketch. The comedian was conveniently stationed close to the A-list couple, giving the cameraman a front-row seat to all the action.

Reading lips, gossip king Perez Hilton guessed Lopez nudged Affleck to fix his posture and smile at the camera. “Like a mother does to a child,” he joked on TikTok. “We clearly know who wears the pants in that relationship.”

However, the comments on Perez’s TikTok are split. While some agree, other savvy fans think the couple could be on the fritz. “Should we tell Ben Affleck to blink twice if he needs help?” one user wrote. Another chimed, “the way she switched up once she knew she was being filmed.”

Meanwhile, others are speculating the newlyweds were up to something a little more spicy.“I think he was saying naughty things and she was like brooooo we’re at work,” someone playfully concluded.

Another TikToker said, “I don’t think it was to sit up straight necessarily. I think he said something spicy because her hand is on the inside of his leg and she playfully uses back of other hand to tell him to ‘act right.’”

Others speculate it’s just Ben’s standard RBF that has sparked memes about him in the past. We’ll let you decide for yourself. 

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