This is the most in-demand engagement ring on Pinterest

Wedding season is in full swing! Dream wedding boards on Pinterest are better than ever this time of year and are capturing the hearts of many — engaged or not! If you’re an avid Pinner, you’ve most likely stumbled across this engagement ring more than once. That’s because this ring is the most-pinned engagement ring on Pinterest.

This simple rose gold diamond ring has been saved 103,900 times to numerous Pinterest boards. The custom-made solitaire beauty belongs to Pinterest user Sylvia Billone. In the comments, Billone noted that both her wedding and engagement rings were made by a local jeweler and were based off of rings she saw on Pinterest, herself! She wrote,

"I brought a bunch of pictures for them to go by — wanted claw style prongs, non-tapered, and non-cathedral for the engagement ring."

Honestly, Pinterest makes the world go round!

Cosmopolitan made the connection between between Billone’s ring and Lauren Conrad’s 2013 engagement ring. Perhaps one of the photos Billone brought to the jeweler was of Conrad’s ring!

Paired with the rose gold filters Conrad uses on her photos, her engagement ring’s extra peachy perfect!

If you’re considering convincing your honey to gift you with a similar ring for your engagement, here are a couple of pins that might help you make your final decision. Make sure you know what size diamond best fits your finger — or your personality!

Then decide if you want to keep the band simple, like Billone’s, or kick things up a notch by decking the band out in diamonds.

Going through engagement rings on Pinterest is a dangerous game. There are so many to ogle at! If you choose to go with the most beloved engagement ring on Pinterest, or craft something completely unique, either choice will be perfect, beautiful, and incredibly special in meaning!

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