Bella Thorne’s new tattoo makes her look even more like the angel she is

Holy tattoo! We can’t even tell you how much we love Bella Thorne’s totally unique sense of style. The girl is not afraid to use her body as a canvas, and we mean that quite literally! It looks like Bella Thorne was recently inked—again! Yesterday, she shared a photo of herself with a heavenly new tat: a rather large pair of angel wings on her back.

Soooooo pretty, right? But we have to ask the question on everyone’s minds: Is it real? Teen Vogue made an interesting point: A bunch of fake tats have been popping up on her Instagram lately, so maybe this is just another one of her temporary body art expressions (I mean, they probably came in a value pack, right)?

On the flip side, Bella also recently debuted real tattoos that say the words “wild kitty” on her calves…

…and she also got her septum pierced, which you can’t deny is very, very real (warning: this video might make you squirm).

We’ll have to wait and see if the wings are here for good, but either way, we’re kind of in love with her angelic body ink. If anyone can pull that off, it’s Bella!

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