Bella Thorne’s elbow ink is unlike any tattoo we’ve seen before

Bella Thorne is the queen of the minimal tattoo. She’s got a petite heart design on her shoulder, a little black ink kitten behind her ear, and a single “B” on her wrist. Okay, sure, she also has a giant pair of wings on her back, but her minimal tiny tattoos deserve a fair shoutout. Thorne recently added to her collection with a unique mini tattoo on her elbow, and it’s unlike any tattoo we’ve seen before.

The design makes her elbow look like an exploding star. She tagged the tattoo artist, Daniel Winter, whose IG bio says he works with “black and grey ink only.” The line and dot pattern around Thorne’s elbow is so plain, you might not even notice it at first. However, when you look at a tattoo as part of a larger body (literally) of work, you can sense there are specific reasons why some tats take over entire body parts and others simply add mystique to a hidden spot. We’re sure this new ink has meaning.

That said, we cannot stop thinking about how painful an elbow tattoo must be. (OUCH.)

Bella shared the image to her Insta Stories, and it looks completely healed.


As you can see, the work is similar to the rest of Winter’s portfolio. It’s clear that dainty and delicate designs are very much his ~thing.~

Another fascinating tiny tattoo on Thorne’s body? The teeny tiny cat whiskers on her index finger.


So chic. We’re off to go Google some minimal cat-related tattoos.