Bella Thorne called Tyler Posey her soulmate and it’s super sweet

In the land of perfect looking teens who have growing television and movie careers under their belts — it’s only a matter of time before they link up and pair off.

This seems to be the case for Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey who have made things official of social media and have even said some pretty serious stuff about the nature of their relationship.

Tyler and Bella have been showing each other love —  on social media and in real life. They were caught smooching in public, obviously inspiring hundreds of cross-over fanfiction on the internet. Since they are almost too good looking to exist and their combined couple status basically makes them the new Brangelina.

Bella has even gone so far as to call Tyler her soulmate on Twitter.

These two are seriously adorable together. Their style is impeccable, their social media presence is top notch and they are both hugely talented actors.

Plus, they really seem to make each other genuinely happy.

And it’s making us melt to the ground with all the feels.

Bella Thorne has recently gotten out of a pretty public relationship with Gregg Sulkin. While he is another MTV local, it’s clear the Teen Wolf actor currently has all of Bella’s heart. Maybe she’ll get to act along side Tyler soon, so that we can see their amazing chemistry on screen.