Bella Thorne had the best response after some dude on the internet told her to shave her legs

In 2016 some people still think it’s okay to tell other people how to live their lives, especially if it involves social media and celebrities. However, after someone on Twitter told Bella Thorne to shave her legs the 19-year-old star had the most perfect response and we could all learn from her bluntness.

We’ve been crushing pretty darn hard on Ms. Thorne. We love the low-key way that she came out as bisexual, even if some Hollywood execs found it “too much”. The star also isn’t afraid to share intimate moments about her life media, too, including that one time she went to get a colonoscopy, and she slays our lives on the regular with her incredible looks.

Well, now Bella Thorne has given us another reason to cheer her on and we can’t stop clapping.

Some dude on the internet decided that he should inform Ms. Thorne via Twitter that she aught to shave her legs because she was “hot beautiful sexy perf.” 

The guy attached a bunch of pictures to his tweet, including one of Bella Thorne looking *fire emoji* at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year, where she’s not only rocking bright green dip-dyed hair (slay), but also a fabulous jacket/bra/cut-off trousers combo.

In fact, so irate was this guy that he decided to zoom in on Bella’s legs to show the offending hairs.

Of course, when confronted with the command to shave her legs, Bella had the greatest and most blunt response and it’s too perfect. Quoting the tweet, the actress said:


We love that Bella totally shut this down with one fell swoop, and did it with some humor, too. Given that it’s her body, she has the right to do exactly what she wants with it, without some guy on the Twitter telling — no, commanding — her to shave her legs.

Just keep on doing you, Bella!

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