Bella Thorne posts pic of her Thanksgiving prep, is all of us at Trader Joe’s

It’s all too easy to forget that, despite their seemingly untouchable lush lives, celebrities like Bella Thorne are also human beings who celebrate holidays and gorge on pumpkin pie until they’re unable to move their limbs for 24 hours.

The young star (and proud rocker of bright red and green Christmas hair!) posted a picture of her last-minute Thanksgiving dinner shopping on Instagram last night.

This mixture of mania and procrastination was all too relatable.

Whether she’s sharing the love with her soulmate Tyler Posey or showing off her new angel wings back tattoo, the 19-year-old actress is great at staying true to how she feels. Which in this case, is exactly how most of us feel when we stumble into the grocery store for last minute Thanksgiving shopping.

Her face has the triumphant mania we all feel when we score pumpkin filling right before the store closes.

This is victory in action.

We imagine that Bella immediately went to her car and blasted a theme song of choice to celebrate her last minute Turkey day victory. At least that’s what we would do.

After all, gluttony is one of the deepest human bonds.

Hopefully, Bella and her loved ones have as much fun eating as she’s having in this photo.

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