Bella Thorne showed off her nipple piercing in the most low-key snap ever

Bella Thorne is firmly establishing herself as a young woman who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and truly be her authentic self. She’s opened up about her sexuality, her struggles with depression, and even her chest zits, and every moment of it makes us feel a little more okay with being our beautiful, imperfect selves. And Thorne’s recent nipple ring snapchat pic is yet another example of how this girl is 100% herself at all times.

The pic — taken in Thorne’s bathroom — features the blue-haired actress in a sheer white top and red jeans, looking at herself in the mirror with an expression of pure badassary. (And ps- OBSESSED WITH THE HAIR).


We are ALL ABOUT this confidence (and currently considering the pros and cons of a new piercing ourselves). We’re also pretty in love with Thorne’s signature style. From the multiple rings, to the black nail polish, to the key around her neck — we are getting all kinds of style inspo RN.

Also, don’t think we haven’t noticed the Batiste Dry Shampoo and Wet Brush in frame. These are two of our favorite (and super affordable) products, and we’re not above admitting that seeing one of our favorite ladies using them too makes us weirdly happy.

But let’s not forget why we truly love this girl: Because of her authenticity and her willingness to open up about the realities of fame — even the downsides.

It actually takes a lot of courage to be this honest in the entertainment industry — especially for young women, who can so easily be labeled as “difficult” or “ungrateful” for simply speaking their minds. It’s also incredibly refreshing to hear someone just being real about life not being perfect. In an age of perfectly-curated Instagram accounts, it can be easy to forget that having problems and non-perfect lives is the norm — not the exception.

Thanks for always being yourself, lady. Ups, downs, and everything in between.

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