Bella Thorne just bought a house, and we need to be invited over ASAP

At a certain point, we all reach a time when we have to start taking control of our lives. And that comes in many forms. We start standing up for ourselves. We start really focusing on our goals. And one of our favorite TV stars may have hit that point. Bella Thorne silenced her Instagram trolls by disabling comments on her posts. So that’s a great step in the direction of owning her life. She also recently opened up about her bisexuality in the most awesome way. And now Bella’s owning something else, because she bought a house. The stunning property is located in Sherman Oaks, California, just north of Los Angeles.

Bella Thorne is now a proud homeowner, and we need to be invited to her housewarming STAT.


The home is a 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom house that measures about 4,500 square feet. Bella paid just over $2 million for the home, and she’s only 19 years old! That’s a way classier place than we had at nineteen. But the star has been working as an actress since her early days on Disney Channel, so she definitely earned a fabulous place to live.

You can see the listing of the house that Bella bought here.

We could totally celebrate a girls night in with Bella in her perfect new living room.


We could snuggle and share gossip in front of that fireplace!

And we’d for sure make a mess trying some fun new recipes in Bella’s incredible kitchen.


OMG that kitchen has so much room. But if we’re feeling lazy, this also looks like the perfect island to sit at while munching on some tasty takeout.

This awesome under-the-stairs wine cellar is crying out for a party that we will need to be invited to.


Seriously, we’re here for Bella to help her with all that wine.

We could totally see ourselves lounging on a lazy summer day by Bella’s fabulous pool.


That waterfall would be so relaxing while we sip some summer cocktails.

Bella even has the most charming guest room for us to crash to make a girls’ night a girls’ weekend.


And look at that lovely tree-lined view.

Bella, you picked SUCH a gorgeous house. We’re so happy for you!


If you need us, we’ll be in Bella’s stunning bathtub.