Hair chameleon Bella Thorne just dyed her hair mermaid green

By now, we all know that Bella Thorne loves a hair transformation. In fact, we’re fairly positive there is no hair color or style that the Famous in Love star won’t try on for size. So to see her sporting mermaid green strands makes more sense than anything in the world, if we’re being honest.

From dark brown baby bangs to long, ice blonde locks and literally every color in between, the 22-year-old has stated in the past that she simply loves dyeing her hair different colors. And we absolutely love a lady who isn’t afraid of mixing things up in the name of beauty.

In an Instagram selfie on Sunday, November 10th, Thorne showed off her latest color switch-up, and it’s the most vibrant shade of ombré green. Yep, she now has dark brown roots which blend into seafoam green just past her ears, and she really does look like a real-life mermaid.

Thorne posed for the smiley selfie, writing in her caption, “Yeah I love to do abnormal changes to my hair,” and we’re loving the new look on her.

Are you ready to go under the sea and check out her mermaid-inspired hue?

Thorne credited stylist Joseph Michael with giving her the new green hair color, and to be honest, she makes it look surprisingly wearable. After all, she kept her roots dark brown, but as long as you lighten the ends with bleach before dyeing them green, it seems like anyone can pull off this look—no fins required. Call your stylist, because these mermaid vibes are flipping gorgeous if you ask us.

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