Bella Thorne is bringing back her dance talents…with an open Los Angeles dance class!

Famous in Love star, Bella Thorne is taking it back to her dancing roots in a special dance class…open to the public! Yes, all you Shake It Up! fans can finally dance with CeCe Jones in real life.

Over the past few years we’ve grown accustomed to Thorne channeling her acting side all the time in Blended, Scream: The TV Series and the upcoming Famous in Love. For all you die-hard Thorne fans however, your love goes all the way back to her Disney days.

The best part about the 19-year-old star’s time on the Disney Channel was that she didn’t just act, she danced too. Every week that we tuned into Shake It Up!, we saw the Florida native showing off her moves alongside Zendaya and it was epic.

Now, the young star is going back to where it all began…the dance floor.

According to an exclusive interview with Just Jared, Thorne is going to be coaching a hip hop master class in Los Angeles, next week!

"Come join my confidence class if you wanna learn how to dance at a party, or learn some rhythm with your friends, or perhaps get a great work out in before that slice of pizza later," Thorne said in a statement via Just Jared.

“Whatever it is show up be yourself and get ready to get confident. Bring your friends let’s have a ball! Dance our feet off to some ratchet music so you have some moves to show off this weekend,” she added.

The class is going to be on Wednesday, February 1st at the Millennium Dance Complex in LA. For those of you who don’t live in the area, we’re sorry — although you could book a flight and head out here ASAP.

For the lucky LA natives, or current residents, this is your chance to not only meet Thorne, but dance alongside her.

The one-time hip hop class will be from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will cost $20 to take. You can reserve your spot now by visiting the website for Millennium Dance Complex here. You can also download their app or reserve your space in person.

Whatever you do, don’t wait too long, with Thorne at the helm, you know it’s going to sell out.