Bella Thorne has kicked off the mermaid highlighting trend of 2017

One beauty trend we currently cannot get enough of is glitter. Glitter on your brows, glitter on your eyelids, glitter on everything.  Bella Thorne is a glitter queen, by the way, if you’re looking for inspiration, and she’s giving us some serious #glittergoals.

Bella and her sister have been enjoying a getaway to the beach, and what kind of dutiful celebrities would they be if they didn’t document the whole experience? Bella has been tweeting and Snapchatting all their glitter experiments, because beach and glitter obviously go hand-in-hand. Nobody can look away.


The tip of the nose was just the start. From there, Bella went to town on the glitter. She put it on her cheeks, her eyes, her collarbone. She looks like a GD glitter mermaid and we’re here for it.


You don’t just get the nickname “Glitter girl” for no reason. You gotta work for it. And work for it Bella has. Something about the nose ring and the bare glowing skin just works with all those sparkles. Is it overboard glitter usage? Our vote is no.


Bella isn’t the only one recently emitting major glitter envy. Elle Fanning was seen sporting some gorgeous eye glitter on the red carpet last year, and Christy Turlington donned the cover of French Vogue in October with under-eye sparkles. Then Bella Hadid made us absolutely swoon in August when she showed off her deep red glitter lips. Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, and Jaime King also joined in on the glitter lip trend. The whole thing was positively fierce.

Clearly, nobody is getting bored with glitter anytime soon. So get yourself a tub of Unicorn Snot, transport yourself back to the ’90s, and glitter yourself to glory.

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