So THIS is why Bella Thorne keeps dyeing her hair different colors

Every time we lay eyes on Bella Thorne it seems like she’s got different colored hair. She’s gone from blue to green to red to brown, all the in the span of a few weeks. According to her last Instagram post, she’s currently rocking a blue mane that seems to suit her skin tone perfectly.

PeopleStyle asked Bella to share a little bit about her sense of style, and she’s finally spoken up about her devotion to mixing it up on the regular. It’s simple, really. She said:

"It feels good and I always love funky hair colors. I always wanted blue hair, I wanted green hair, purple hair, so it’s just fun to do."

ICYMI, Bella is a spokesperson for Bioré, so she’s a beauty and fashion icon for people all over the world. Now that she’s got some time off of work, she doesn’t have any rules to follow when it comes to her hair. So she’s going to town on the dye jobs. She told PeopleStyle that she recently cut off a few inches of her hair and got rid of her extensions because it was starting to “look a little ratty.” That’s when she really started experimenting with her sister.

"My sister dyed hers pink and we just like doing it to be matching and coordinated. It was just fun," Bella said. Even her sister's boyfriend joined in on the fun and dyed his own hair.

“I feel dope when we all dye our hair,” Bella says.

At the moment, as you can probably tell from her social media accounts, she’s knee-deep in blue. “I’m a Smurf, I’m Young Smurf, because I’m all blue,” Bella said. I’m literally wearing head to toe blue.” She’s definitely the most stylish, badass Smurf we’ve ever seen.

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