Bella Thorne dyed her hair jet-black for a very “goth spring” look

While some tend to see spring as a return to all things light — not just confined to clothing, hair, and lipstick — there are just as many who see it as a dare to embrace all things dark. Some may go “spring blonde,” but others are turning to more macabre shades in the warmer months. Bella Thorne’s new black hair is the perfect example.

The actress and singer took to social media to debut her new locks, and although she’s had dark hair in the past, this jet-black look with choppy fringe is a totally revamped look for her, and we’re in love.

Bella posted a photo of her fringe accented by cold, cold, cold surroundings. And although the first day of spring is less than a few days away, that doesn’t mean it’s sunny everywhere.

Now, we can’t deny the fact that Bella’s jet-black hair adds an interesting element to the snowy surroundings. And while she’s had everything from dark teal hair to a strawberry blonde color, we also can’t deny that there’s something about this spring goth situation that just works.

Although hers is still “snowy spring goth,” in a few days it will be spring — so it still counts, right?

And while those of us in a warmer climate may be hesitant about getting bangs when we’ll be outside in the heat more (and probably sweating more as well), we totally respect Bella’s commitment and bravery. Here’s to hoping she loves her new haircut as much as we do!

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