Bella Thorne is crushing hard on Dove Cameron, and it’s actually too cute

Adding fuel to the gossip fire, Bella Thorne has gushed about Dove Cameron, and it’s actually too cute.

If you’re not aware, Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron have been flirting heavily on Twitter recently. While Dove might be in a relationship with Thomas Doherty, her Descendants 2 co-star, that hasn’t stopped her from swapping messages with Bella, and we’re absolutely loving it.

It all started back in January when Bella commented on rumors that Dove was dating Kiersey Clemons, saying that she had certainly thought about dating the 21-year-old.

Then, things heated up earlier this month, when Bella tweeted out a picture of Dove saying she wanted to “wife [her] up.”

Sending a message back, Dove Cameron wrote, “get on a knee and i might letcha ?.”

So we’re not too surprised that Bella Thorne has been speaking about how she’s crushing HARD on Dove Cameron.

Speaking to People, the 19-year-old actor, singer, and model opened up about why she was so obsessed with Dove.

“I love her,” she admitted. “Honestly, I do want to wife her. She’s just so beautiful and talented.”

Okay, we LOVE this.

She added, “She’s funny and she has this like beautiful angelic image and it’s just like ‘ah Dove.’ It totally goes with her name and then you meet her and that girl is down. She’s so cool, talks with a lower register voice like me.

"I don’t meet many girls like that so that’s cool and she’s just like so chill and open you know and you just don’t meet people like that so it’s really, I really like her."

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After seeing Bella’s comments, Dove tweeted the following.

It seems from Bella Thorne’s words that she just really crushes on every aspect of Dove Cameron, including her talent, which is awesome. It’s great to see two young women supporting each other, so we 100% support the continuation of this online love affair!

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