How Bella Thorne came out as bisexual is so totally amazing

We love Bella Thorne for being so totally honest. The 18-year-old actress and model has not only shared the fact that she was having a colonoscopy with the world, raising awareness, and helping others feel comfortable about a procedure that’s actually really normal, but she’s also not afraid to inspire us to get down to the gym and work it out.

Sadly, Bella and fellow actor Gregg Sulkin recently announced that they had called an end to their relationship. In statement release to People, the pair said:

Of course, we wish Bella and Gregg all the best and hope that they’re both happy.

Now it seems, however, that – according to a report in Teen Vogue – Bella has been snapped kissing a girl, and it seems to have really excited some fans.

In fact, one fan was so curious she asked Bella if she was bisexual on Twitter, to which Bella had the greatest, low-key answer to it.

After confirming that she was bisexual, fans reached out in support and it’s SO sweet.


After seeing the beautiful messages of support, Bella tweeted the following.

“Thanks for all the accepting tweets from everyone,” she wrote. “I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ #pride” 

While we know it’s literally no one’s buisness who Bella dates, we’re so proud of her for being so open about her sexuality. And while we know that it’s totally not necessary to label yourself, it’s refreshing and important to see someone making such a low-key statement about it.

We love that Bella feels able to share her truth with us, and hope she’s really, really happy!

Love you Bella!

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