Bella Thorne and her sister got matching tattoos with a sweet, funny message

Chances are, you and your sister share a lot of things, from clothes to inside jokes. Now, we found out that Bella Thorne and her sister got matching tattoos with a sweet, funny message, and they definitely give us #sistergoals…not to mention #tattoogoals.

Tbh, it seems like Bella Thorne is ~always~ giving us goals of some kind, from #fashioninspo — you remember her see-through fishnet bodysuit, right? — to #hairinspo, like when she dyed her hair bright pink this past summer. And, speaking of tattoos, none of us can forget when Rihanna got a shark tattoo that looks a ~lot~ like the one Drake has. So, matching tattoos are definitely in, and we love that Bella and her older sister, Dani, got in on the trend, too.

Here are Bella’s Insta stories, a before and an after that reveal the tattoo masterpieces.



Okay, SO adorable, right?! If you’re wondering who did the work, it was L.A. tattoo artist Daniel Winter, aka the tattoo artist who has tatted other celebs, including Miley Cyrus and Janel Parrish.

Matching tattoos or not, Bella and Dani look like twins and seem like genuine BFFs, though Dani is four years older than Bella. No matter what they’re doing together, they seem to have a LOT of fun in the process.

For instance, here they are at the American Music Awards last November.


And here they are at the same event, seemingly living it up.


Not only do the sister BFFs go to different events together, like below at Beautycon in NYC earlier this year. But they also go to them with different hair.


Judging from the above, now we so get the #twinning tattoos! Like we said before, Dani and Bella Thorne definitely give us #sistergoals, so if you’ll excuse us while we go brainstorm some clever twinning tattoo ideas of our own…

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