Bella Hadid Put Her Own Twist on the Two-Tone Hair Trend

She's got a bold new money piece, and we're so into it.

Another day, another new hairstyle for Bella Hadid. The 24-year-old model kicked off 2021 with red and orange money pieces and on August 2nd she debuted yet another new look. 

In an Instagram photo, Hadid’s new two-tone hair still maintains some of the “fire” theme, with auburn locks framing her face. It’s right in line with the two-tone hair trend we’ve been seeing lately from stars like Kehlani and Gwen Stefani. In contrast, the rest of her hair is much longer and a beautiful shade of dark brown. Vogue UK noted that Hadid’s new hairdo channels Ginger Spice and we can totally see it. 

Hadid showed off her new money piece during a dinner out in New York City to celebrate her final shoot of the season. The model posted a series of photos of herself out on the town with friends. “A sweet dinner to celebrate our last job of the season before a few weeks off for summer,” the model wrote. 

“My love i love this hair color on you,” wrote Hadid’s friend, actor and author Mirtha Mármol, in the comments. “Insane I can’t,” wrote playwright Jeremy O. Harris. “Too belle for words.” 

Bless the heart of anyone who tries to keep track of Hadid’s ever-changing hairstyles, but it looks like she’s opting for darker locks over the past few weeks. The model has posted several series of photos showing off her stunning dark brown hair—and it works so well we’d never guess that she’s actually a natural blonde.

Of course, to keep things interesting, Hadid has thrown in a few shots of herself with different hair colors. On Sunday, she posted a series of photos from a Miss Sixty shoot in which she sports shorter shoulder-length blonde hair and bangs. 

The one thing all of her hairstyles have in common? To borrow a phrase from fellow fashion icon Tim Gunn, Hadid always manages to make it work.

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