This video of Bella Hadid surprising her sick grandmother will make you cry

Not only are the members of the Hadid family outwardly gorgeous, but the Hadids have a striking inner beauty as well. Bella Hadid surprised her grandmother in Holland this week, showcasing that special inner glow. Bella’s grandma, or “Oma,” is currently battling cancer, so the model took a few days off to visit and celebrate her Oma’s birthday.

By the look of it, Bella was the best gift her Oma could ask for. Oma’s reaction was captured on video and Bella posted it to her Instagram writing,

"I took off of work for the past 3 days to surprise my beautiful Oma in Holland on her birthday. She is going through the hardest struggle of her life battling cancer again but I know for a fact she is the strongest woman i have ever met."

In the video, Oma can’t hold back her tears. Bella tells her grandmother that she’ll sleep right next to her every night. Bella writes in her caption that she’s so thankful for her grandmother’s strength and for raising her mother, Yolanda Hadid.

Bella continues,

"Times like these are so important to me and I wouldn't give them up for the world🌎 Happy birthday Oma...Thank you for birthing and raising my perfect mother into the woman she is today"

Bella was able to spend three days with her grandmother before returning to work. She hopes to work hard so she can return to Oma’s side sooner than later.

We’re sending our thoughts and well wishes to Bella and her grandmother!

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