Bella Hadid says Gigi always steals her clothes because these girls are literally you and your sister

You may think that since Bella and Gigi Hadid were two of the biggest models of 2016 that they would have ENORMOUS closets and wouldn’t need to borrow clothes from one another. Not only are they loaded, but they also probably get quite a bit of free merch, right? Well, think again. According to Bella, the genetically blessed sisters are constantly trading with one another. And, in typical sister fashion, Gigi sometimes swipes clothes from Bella without telling her. Sneaky, sneaky, Gigi.

During an interview with Elle, Bella was asked what she last stole from her big sis. “I literally just took a pair of striped Vans from Gigi. We have the same shoe size which is insane, I know. It can be dangerous.”

But when she tried to remember the last thing Gigi stole from her, she couldn’t quite recall. That’s because, Bella claims, Gigi doesn’t give her a heads up! Lolol. Anyone who has a sister has BEEN there.

“She never tells me she’s taking anything,” Bella explains. “But then I show up at her apartment and there’s like a random t-shirt or a hoodie or something lying around, and it’s mine. And Gigi did not ask me if she could take it! She’s sneaking off with my stuff!”

But, I mean, we kind of get it. Look at all of their cute clothes. Who wouldn’t want to swipe some of these?

But, as Bella points out, their styles are quite different, so the swiping is naturally kept to a minimum. Bella is definitely more edgy, more New York, while Gigi seems to dress more in line with her Californian roots.

“I’m a little different than [Gigi] because ever since I was 14, I always wanted to wear black jeans and leather jackets. I looked at pictures of New York in the ’70s and ’80s and I thought that tough, city-girl look was so cool. I would always go to vintage stores and flea markets,” Bella explains.

We see what she means:

ALTHOUGH, we have seen Gigi rocking some more monochromatic looks lately. Maybe these digs are Bella’s?

Either way, keep up the style inspo Gigi and Bella <3.

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