Bella Hadid’s Starting the New Year With a Fiery New Hair Color

She dyed her hair a few weeks back, but it's hot and fresh for 2021.

New year, new Bella Hadid! Well, new hair color anyway. The model took to Instagram yesterday, January 3rd, to officially show off her fiery red and orange money pieces that we’ve gotten glimpses of recently.

Hadid started lightening the front of her hair in mid-December but has mostly been laying low and only posting faraway shots or blurry photos on Instagram, so we couldn’t see how amazing it actually looks. Judging by how *truly* fiery the colors are, we’d venture to guess that she freshened up the hues just for the photo—and to storm into 2021 like a badass.

She’s been rocking a dark chocolate shade as of late, in her standard slicked-back ponytail or messy bun, sometimes with her bangs left out. She even (maybe, possibly) inspired her big sis Gigi Hadid to get bangs of her own in December, making them look more like twins than usual.

In her latest selfie, Hadid styled her long hair in soft waves with her money pieces on prominent display. The photo speaks for itself, so she opted for no caption.

While some people opt to make their money piece loud, bold, and super bright, Hadid instead went for a subtly hot hue that seamlessly blends into her brunette hair. Her friends and family are very into the look, too. Hailey Baldwin commented, “Wow. You’re a whole vibe,” and Lala Anthony simply dropped four heart-eyes emojis. Her other older sister Alana Hadid commented, “Super hero vibes,” and we could totally see that. We also get a little bit of Katniss Everdeen emerging from the flames vibes, a la Hunger Games.

We’re basically getting all the good vibes from this hair. At least *someone* is making a statement in 2021. We clearly need to catch up!

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