Bella Hadid protected a female photographer from an overzealous security guard

Celebrities get a lot of attention, especially when they’re constantly rocking the runway at major events like New York Fashion Week. And that means they often need major security. But in an unexpected twist, model Bella Hadid just protected a photographer from a security guard who got a little carried away with his duties.

After walking in the Michael Kors show, Hadid was led out of the venue surrounded by her security team, who attempted to protect her from the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. While being led back to her vehicle, a male member of her security team touched a female photographer in an attempt to move her out of Hadid’s path.

However, Hadid was quick to defend the woman against the overzealous male security guard.

In a video posted by TMZ, we see Bella grabbing the security guard and sternly saying, “Hey, can you please not touch her? The guard immediately becomes defensive and responded by shaking his head, while Hadid focused her attention on the female photographer, asking, "Are you okay?" and then firmly reiterating, "Don't touch her."

Hadid is no stranger to the limelight and all that comes with it (aka being hounded by the media on a daily basis), and her security guard was more than likely just trying to do his job, but sometimes these high-tension situations can get the best of even the professionals. We’re heartened to see that Bella did not hesitate to stand up for another woman and that she understands that her safety doesn’t have to put others in danger.

You can see the video for yourself here.

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