NYFW: Bella Hadid Shows the See-Through Bra Trend is Going South 

Model walked the Proenza Schouler runway at New York Fashion Week.

What happens when a big-name fashion designer creates a gorgeous collection of summer styles, only to have them overshadowed by a pair of undergarments?

Well, that’s exactly what happened at the Proenza Schouler Show at Hall Des Lumieres in New York City on September 9.  

Runway Queen Bella Hadid walked the show braless in what looked like a sheer gold mesh top. The look was completed with a matching skirt, reminiscent of contemporary chainmail any knight would covet. While the outfit itself is stunning, we feel distracted by the thick, black underwear obviously showing through underneath. The bright studio lighting, combined with the softness of the dress material, ended up making the panties more the focus of the look than the look itself.

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It must have been a conscious choice on the part of the designer. Vittoria Ceretti wore black undies with her gold mesh ensemble. But at least Ceretti’s piece had a longer top to draw attention away from it. 

Kendall Jenner, model and friend of Hadid, also had her undergarments on display. Her ensemble included a 60s-esque look with a white fringed crop top and a wide-weave mesh skirt. A pair of white boyshorts finished off the look, which blended in better than the other ensembles. 

Luckily we have Tom Ford to thank for distracting us from the Proenza Schouler runway show. He also incorporated triangle bras and lace panties into some of his SS23 looks. But the finale of his show was an Orgy of Glitz, according to the The New York Times

Jenner was redeemed with a runway look including a burnt orange halterneck sequin gown with a cutout on her torso and matching skirt with a hip-high slit, according to Hollywood Life. Matching oversized hoop earrings and glitzy pumps completed the sultry 70s throwback, making us forget those other black panties existed.

Older sister Gigi Hadid also wow’d the crowd in a halter-neck green and silver sequin gown. The look was styled with an even larger torso cutout down to her waist and a matching sequin skirt complete with a slit. Her participation in the show comes just days after rumors circled that she and Leonardo DiCaprio have been getting to know each other

Fashion is meant to make us think. But in the case of Proenza Schouler’s choice for supportware, we still have a lot of questions. Luckily our thoughts are filled with flashes of sequin and disco vibes. Which NYFW look did you like the best?


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