Bella Hadid just copied Selena Gomez’ super cute new summer cut

The warmth of summer can bring a boldness to your personal style. It’s a perfect time to pull out that cute, colorful dress and to treat yourself to a trendy nail art manicure.

So it’s no huge surprise that a number of big-name celebs are experimenting with dramatic new looks. Recently, the glam goddess Selena Gomez totally transformed her look with bangs (and absolutely nailed it). And now, the gorgeous Bella Hadid has done the same.

Both women opted for some daring fringe action. And the results are spectacular.

Bella’s post-cut IG has her looking playful and gorgeous with the fun and simple description, “Bangin’.” But her next post goes from playful to totally fierce as she takes her new bangs for a little stroll (and looks incredible while doing so).

Of course, Bella always looks totally on-point. And as a model, she’s able to completely own and work all sorts of dramatic and dynamic styles. But she does make her bangs look pretty flawlessly chic.

And it’s definitely interesting that these two divas decided to take the plunge into the bang world around the same time. For anyone who might be teetering on the edge and considering committing to the cut themselves, now seems like the time to do it. We hear that bangs aren’t great for the summer because #sweat, but these two beauties seem to be rocking it flawlessly, so chop away, we say!


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