Bella Hadid just channeled Jessica Rabbit on the Cannes carpet

Cannes 2016 has brought us so many amazing fashion moments. There was the time Blake Lively looked like a Disney princess came to life. There was the gorgeous swan princess-inspired ensemble Kristen Stewart stepped out in. Really, there were just a bunch of times celebs looked like something awesome on the Cannes red carpet.

Today, Bella Hadid joined this Cannes trend when she walked red carpet for the premiere of The Unknown Girl in a red dress with a high slit that gave us major Jessica Rabbit vibes.

Here’s a refresher on Jessica Rabbit’s signature look:


Bella’s nailed everything, from the fierce red color: 


To the high, high, high slit: 


Even her poses oozed Jessica Rabbit confidence: 


All that’s missing are the sequins and purple gloves.