Bella Hadid has issued a statement on the disastrous Fyre Festival

If you’ve been watching social media this weekend, you’ve heard about the disaster that was the Fyre Festival. In the latest news, Bella Hadid, who initially helped to promote Fyre Fest, has issued a statement about the festival/hot mess via Twitter.

Hadid was one of a group of top models who pushed Fyre Fest on social media, but had no direct involvement in the festival or its planning. In her statement, Hadid doesn’t take any direct responsibility for the dire circumstances of the festival — since she was only a spokesperson — saying only that she felt she needed to address the situation. She notes that because this is something she put her name on, she felt had to address the controversy. false

“I feel so sorry and badly because this is something I couldn’t stand by,” she wrote, after explaining why she initially agreed to do “one” promotion for the festival. She is one of many “influencers” who were tapped by the creators of the festival, but it seems that she is one of a few who addressed the shortcomings of the festival directly.

It is admirable that she felt the need to address the situation to her followers, given that she put her name on it as an endorsement and may have received compensation. According to a report by Vice, the influencers were paid handsomely for their endorsements; in fact, Kendall Jenner reportedly received $250,000, so it’s possible that Hadid received a similar sum.

Better luck next time, Bells.

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