Bella Hadid clapped back against paparazzi who took pictures through her apartment window

Tip #282 for being a decent person: Don’t photograph anyone through their window without their knowledge or consent. Unfortunately, the paparazzi who took pictures of Bella Hadid through her window was either unaware or simply did not comply with this tip. Hadid, though, had the wherewithal to clap back and remind the photographer that celebrities — who are also human beings — should still be permitted some privacy.

Hadid and fellow model, Jordan Barrett, were snapped hanging out together in Hadid’s New York City apartment. These shots sparked (false) dating rumors which Hadid then cleared up on Twitter. false

And while she was in the Twitter-sphere, Hadid sent some words to those peeping paparazzi.


It’s instances like this that prove that the tabloid and celebrity gossip industry is getting out of hand. Being able to make a business out of stalking and invading the lives of other humans is, like Hadid said, sad!

And celebs are getting seriously fed up. Just last week, Ariel Winter clapped back when paparazzi followed her and boyfriend Levi Meaden to the grocery strore.

The bottom line is: This has to stop! We, as a culture, need to care less about celebrities’ personal lives and let them simply live. Save the photo snapping for the red carpet.

We’re glad Bella Hadid spoke up for herself and her privacy!

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